The first decentralized, community solar mining platform. Let's change the way we mine!

BSC Address- 0x5f00052b8c81a799b4f3bbc9ea2a1b7ecd06fba6
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The Solar Moon Protocol is used to validate the use of clean energy miners around the world while rewarding those that contribute to cleaning up the blockchain

Solar Moon Multi-chain Ecosystem

Binance Smart Chain

Our Binance Smart Chain token is the original token for our project and the current largest part of our token community. The Binance Smart Chain token can be used to vote on contributions to our project through decentralized community vote as well as purchase VC funded hashrate and clean energy.

Our Binance Smart Chain Token is the original token for our project and the current largest part of our token community. The Binance Smart Chain token can be used to vote on contributions to our project through decentralized community vote as well as purchasing VC funded hashrate and clean energy

Contract Address-0x5f00052b8c81a799b4f3bbc9ea2a1b7ecd06fba6

Polygon Network

Our Polygon Network token will be trade-able soon after our initial airdrop coming soon to our community. This token will have the same opportunities as our BSC token. The Polygon Network allows for even more tech development and the overall growth of our multi-chain ecosystem by allowing the participation of a whole new network.

The Plan

Solar Moon will incentivize the mining of proof of work blockchains like Bitcoin with Clean energy sources by offering rewards to those who mine with clean energy. Our Solar Moon protocol will also be offered to those who mine with clean energy to track solar system production and hashrate efficiency through the use of our Dapp which is already in the development stages. We plan to validate millions of KwH of clean energy mining through our protocol.

The Impact

In America alone we produce 4.1 TRILLION Kwh of electricity annually, with only 11.5% coming from clean energy sources. This leaves a carbon footprint of 1.72 billion metric tons of CO2 each year! With Every KW of solar installed (producing an average of 1,300 kwh annually) Our carbon footprint is reduced by 3,000 pounds of CO2. One 2 MW solar Farm alone eliminates 6 million pounds of carbon waste annually!  

The Rewards

Solar Moon will hold 50% of our token supply to reward miners who validate proof of work blockchains with clean energy. We plan to build the largest network of clean energy miners in the world and provide our token to those that help aid in our mission of achieving a net zero carbon emission from Bitcoin and the mining of other blockchains. Anybody that attaches their clean energy production and miners to our protocol will receive these rewards from our community

See our White Paper for an in Depth View

Validating Clean Energy Production

Our Solar Moon software will be used to verify the production of clean energy by tracking energy production from miners across the world. We will make use of decentralized blockchain based software to track the KwH these miners produce while also tracking rewards for those that contribute to creating a more sustainable future for proof of work blockchains like Bitcoin.

Solar Moon Utility

The Solar Moon token is the official currency for the Solar Moon ecosystem. All blockchain versions of Solar Moon can be used for any of the products offered through our clean energy platform along with the ability to contribute to our project and see rewards by connecting clean energy miners.

Rent Hashrate

Miners that connect to our Solar Moon protocol and wish to offer a portion of their clean energy powered miners to our community can do so through the use of our protocol. We plan to create mining pools of clean energy based miners for our community to take part in.

Buy Solar Energy

With the future implementation of virtual solar power grids and blockchain based virtual net metering software, token holders may be able to purchase clean energy to mine from home with from overproduction by our network of clean energy miners.

Purchase GPUs

Token holders will also be able to purchase efficient and affordable GPUs to mine with from home. These GPUs will pair nicely with the solar energy we offer. You may already contact us if you are interested in purchasing bulk quantities of GPUs.

Meet Our Contributors

Peter Perlitz

Head of Web Development and Solar Installation

  • Has ran multiple solar teams in the northeast United States
  • With over 1000 solar installs between him and his team he knows what it means to make an impact on the environment
  • Experience in freelance work with WordPress
    web design, has built multiple web sites for businesses

Brackston Mayhall

Creator and original owner of our BSC token

  • One of the main devs on another major BSC token
  • Original coder and owner of our Binance Smart Chain token
  • Full stack developer for NASDAQ

Joshua Scott

Internal operations

  • Degrees in both finance and engineering
  • Solar knowledge and experience
  • Coding C++ and Python

Our Community

Project Decision Makers

  • As a fully decentralized platform our community members are the sole decision makers for our project
  • Our holders vote on each action that is decided for Solar Moon, based on the amount of Solar Moon they hold
  • Our amazing community is active on Telegram, Discord and other social media platforms

BSC Tokenomics

2% Liquidity

2% of each transaction is liquidity locked to ensure value

2% Distributed

2% of each transaction is redistributed to the holders of Solar Moon

6% to Project

6% of each transaction is set aside to contribute to our project based on decentralized vote.

The Road Map

Q4 2021

- Finish the development of our decentralized solar platform on the BSC and Polygon networks
- Complete the airdrop of Polygon tokens to reward the holders of our original token
-  Raise Capital outside of our token to contribute to a larger scale timely growth of our project and ecosystem

Q1 2022

- Begin the implementation of our Solar Moon V2 Protocol
- Continual Development of our blockchain based virtual net metering software
- Get clean energy miners from around the world attached to our Solar Moon protocol

Q2 2022

- Integration of our mining and production tracking software
- The beginning of crypto rewards to our community for our decentralized contributions to our project
- The beginning of the implementation of carbon offsets to our ecosystem allowing another avenue for growth for our token and project

Q3 2022

- Development and implementation of our clean energy mining pools and hashrate rental software, making use of clean energy mining around the world
- Completion and implementation of our blockchain based virtual net metering software
- The offering of clean hashrate rental, off site solar power purchasing and the pairing of this clean energy with at home miners will be implemented

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