The first decentralized, community solar mining platform. Let's change the way we mine!

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A 6% community fee will fund solar mining rigs to lower our carbon footprint and reward our community.

The Plan

With the use of a 6% community wallet contribution on all transactions we plan to partner with state governments and local utilities to build solar farms that will generate power for crypto mining rigs. This will use the power of blockchain to substantially reduce our carbon footprint as a country as well as generate rewards for our holders from the energy produced.

The Impact

In America alone we produce 4.1 TRILLION Kwh of electricity annually, with only 11.5% coming from clean energy sources. This leaves a carbon footprint of 1.72 billion metric tons of CO2 each year! With Every KW of solar installed (producing an average of 1,300 kwh annually) Our carbon footprint is reduced by 3,000 pounds of CO2. One 2 MW solar Farm alone eliminates 6 million pounds of carbon waste annually!  

The Rewards

The thing about our project that makes it so sustainable is that the community wallet contributions to these solar mining rigs will provide rewards based on the amount of Solar Moon someone is holding. We know this may sound crazy but in states like Massachusetts, New Jersey, South Carolina and now 23 other states and provinces in America the state and federal government will actually pay to fund part of these systems while we will also be able to see the rewards from the crypto that is mined.

Example of a 2 MW Solar Rig

See our White Paper for an in Depth View


Solar Moon prides itself on being a decentralized, community platform above all else! Our community is the backbone that runs the entirety of our project. We have no formal governance or leader. We have only contributing community members that work and vote together to see through our common objective of cleaning up the blockchain through our solar mining operations.

A Centralized Platform

- Decisions are solely made by a controlling entity.
- The community has no say in the outcome of the project.
-Funds are payed through a central party that determines placement of community funds.
- These projects rely on an entity for governance that oversees and operates the entirety or majority of a project without help from the community as a whole.

Solar Moon’s Decentralized Platform

- The Solar Moon community will vote on each aspect of our project, with votes weighted based on the amount of Solar Moon one holds.
- Solar Moon operates on it’s own by building up our platform as a community rather than through a central decision maker.
- Solar Moon only distributes funds through Kraken based on community votes.

Meet the Team

Peter Perlitz

Head of Web Development and Solar Installation

  • Has ran multiple solar teams in the northeast United States
  • With over 1000 solar installs between him and his team he knows what it means to make an impact on the environment
  • Experience in free lance work with WordPress
    web design, has built multiple web sites for businesses

John Pilling

Business and Land Development

  • Licensed Mortgage broker in NJ with years of experience in real estate
  • Venture Capital Expert
  • Also has years of experience with solar

Damola Fayemi

Mining Operations

  • Years of experience building PCs
  • Current student at the University of Michigan
  • Overseas networking

Our Community

Project Decision Makers

  • As a fully decentralized platform our community members are the sole decision makers for our project
  • Our holders vote on each action that is decided for Solar Moon, based on the amount of Solar Moon they hold
  • Our amazing community is active on telegram, discord and other social media platforms


2% Liquidity

2% of each transaction is liquidity locked to ensure value

2% Distributed

2% of each transaction is redistributed to the holders of Solar Moon

6% to Solar

6% of each transaction is set aside to build solar mining rigs

The Road Map

Q2 2021

- Create a social media following
- Launch our token on the Binance Smart    Chain network
- Begin paid advertisement on social    media platforms
-  Get our LLC registered and set up with Kraken to operate as the decentralized community that we are

Q3 2021

- Acquire site ready land through    purchases and leasing of farm acreage
- Continue paid marketing with YouTube    and social media influencers
- Start the design of our first solar field
- List on multiple exchanges

Q4 2021

- Begin the installation of our first solar    system
- Purchase our first set of graphics    cards and mining equipment
- Start search for our next solar rig    locations
- Start plans to implement a Solar Moon Defi Platform for our community members

Q1 2022

- Complete our first 2 MW solar rig
- Begin Mining and rewarding ourselves as a community for our clean energy mining
- Begin 5 new Solar Mining Projects
- Begin the implementation of our Solar Moon Defi Platform

Get in Touch with the Team

If you have any questions about our project please feel free to reach out. We will typically respond within 1-2 business days.

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