August 12th, 2021- The $SOLAR DAPP and the land for our project is coming soon!

Solar Moon has never been in a better place. Decentralized App incoming, inquiries on land purchases heating up, and a chart that shows our biggest strength: our community and their faith in the project.

The project is coming closer to implementing its first solar mining rig, but first there is some important business to attend to. Our planned solar setup must be approved by the township it will be built in, as well as the utility that it will be connected to. Plots of land we’ve been checking out have been cross-referenced with the utility circuit maps and other logistical requirements to ensure everything works the way we envision.

A new list of properties is currently being examined and once the research is done on each, an offer will be made in the coming weeks.

As we make final preparations for purchasing land and breaking ground, our DAPP has been previewed and we are also making final preparations for launch. With our DAPP, holders of $SOLAR can view their wallet and vote on project decisions, see a readout of the project’s environmental impact, and even see what rewards they’re entitled to based on how much $SOLAR they hold.

A proof of concept of the project is still in the works, and should be available soon. The POC will show our plan being executed using a sampling of our graphics cards and an existing 12KW residential solar set-up. Stay tuned to see just how we plan on mining crypto with solar energy!

August 2nd, 2021- The Impact of a decentralized solar mining platform

Imagine a world wherein Cryptocurrencies of all kinds - from Bitcoin to Ethereum - are harbored using a solar energy infrastructure. A gleaming utopia of clean cryptocurrencies, at the fingertips of holders of one certain coin (for now). 

Solar Moon’s one-of-a-kind solar mining platform is on course to change crypto mining forever! We officially formed our Solar Moon LLC last month in Wyoming, we are hoping to have our first piece of land purchased in NJ for our first solar mining operation by the end of this month. Through a decentralized community approach to decision-making and fund dispersal, Solar Moon aims to democratically clean up the crypto scene while also providing a salient reward to our investors, the community members, who play the role of our Board of Directors. 

If you want to help change the world through crypto with an equal say and an equal stake, consider joining our community through Telegram, Reddit, Twitter and Instagram. Help us change the status quo of Crypto. 

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Environmental Impact of our community

In a 2017 study of current trends in the sustainability of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, scholars from the University of Bari, Italy found that the widespread implementation of cryptocurrencies would result in “an unacceptable amount of energy used” to mine said currency. This sentiment is widespread to this day, and indeed Bitcoin alone uses 120 million kilowatt hours annually, just to exist. 

If a more sustainable option for supporting blockchain infrastructure was found to be easy and cheap, what could that do to the cryptocurrency ecosystem? Solar Moon’s decentralized community has made it a mission to make it happen - using solar farms. 

It’s currently estimated that around 40 percent of energy used to farm Bitcoin is renewable. Thanks to handsome government subsidies, solar energy is becoming more and more viable for widespread use, and the marriage of solar power and crypto mining has the potential to change the landscape of our natural world and crypto mining. 

By taking advantage of these incentives, Solar Moon has crafted a robust action plan to build solar farms in New Jersey which will power hundreds of graphics cards to mine Bitcoin as well as other mineable cryptos. Thanks to net metering, which allows power to be tapped from a rig even without optimal weather conditions, solar energy can be used year round to supply power to mining operations in states like New Jersey in the United States.

The Bitcoin network alone consumes 120,000,000 Kwh per second or 63 Twh per year! To put that in perspective, the average home uses only 9,000 kwh per year. That is enough energy to power 7,000,000 households. At present the amount of energy used for mining creates a carbon footprint of 48,461,538 pounds of carbon annually.

A 2 MW system for example would power about 2,600 graphics cards to mine on the blockchain and would produce about 2.6 million kwh each year in clean energy to power a rig this size. For every 1 kwh of dirty energy that is offset in New Jersey, .846 lbs of carbon waste is removed from our environment. One system this size would offset about 2.2 million pounds of carbon annually! As we continue to grow our operations we grow closer and closer to making Bitcoin the sustainable platform we imagine it to be for our environment.

July 21st, 2021- Solar Moon is Breaking Ground with our Community Solar Mining Project!

If you are not aware of this project already, Solar Moon just launched 2 weeks ago as the first decentralized, community solar mining platform! We plan to take advantage of the state and federal solar incentives here in the United States in order to clean up the way blockchains are currently being mined with dirty energy. Our platform makes use of a community wallet to fund these projects as a group in order to make our vision of clean energy blockchains a reality, while also rewarding ourselves with the crypto that is mined!

A lot of progress has been made in the first two weeks!

So what are the next steps for Solar Moon?

Short Term (next 2 weeks)
Mid Term (1-3 months from now)
Long Term (6 months- 1 year from now)

We are making big steps toward our goal of carbon neutral blockchain mining every single day! There are others that have made use of clean energy mining already but we believe that the most effective and rewarding way to accomplish a fully carbon neutral crypto ecosystem is through a decentralized community platform like we have created. Every member of our community not only will see rewards from the crypto that we mine with our clean energy, but will also have a say in what steps we take on our project through community votes. Our plan is to become the industry leaders in the clean energy mining space by allowing the average investor to be a part of our solar mining platform. Make sure to keep up with our project here on our blog as well as through the daily updates that we have in our Telegram community.